Stop the War Please!!

When will Darfur, Sudan, Eritrea, Palestinians, Israelites……stop the war?? Dont these people feel bad about having to fight all their lives. Am sad and annoyed and grievous, at the site of dying people. if not death in war, its death in hunger.. When will we realize that we need to move onto other things in life?? When will we yearn to grow, develop, formulate useful ideas….??

I will continuously cry… Please stop all the wars there are. And to Mr. Bush, stop that war you wanna begin in Iraqi. Just when people can come out and play soccer on the streets, go to the market and even bask in the morning sun, is when you want to send in more troops there??.. Give a people a break…

Let us all work towards stopping the war, especially in Africa, where we’re yet to develop. Let Israelites and Palestinians rest their swords and sit to more pressing issues than war. Let Bush and the Iraqis find something resourceful to each other in each other.

Sudan, Darfur, Eritrea, Ethiopia….. please stop the war. We are all human beings. No need to kill each other. Why cant we live like normal people, who love each other and are ready to work together to develop ourselves and all that is around us??

Do we really want to go back to these times??


The photo is the “Pulitzer prize” winning photo taken in 1994 during the Sudan famine. The picture depicts a famine stricken child crawling towards an United nations food camp, located a kilometer away.

The vulture is waiting for the child to die so that it can eat it. This picture shocked the whole world.
No one knows, what happened to the child, including the photographer Kevin Carter who left the place as soon as the photograph was taken.

Three months later he committed suicide due to depression

The words may not be clear to some, but I guess the picture speaks for itself… Let us all say no to war…

May Peace prevail, through our prayers….


Typical of Kenya…

Only in Kenya…

Will everybody wake up completely stressed and hate the mornings …

… Having spent the previous day, busy doing nothing relevant at a place all call “Job“, you come home tired and sleepy and more to it, Wanjiku your ever so patient housewife, (harboring 8 children without your support) is a meal of stress with no stew to go with.

You spend a partially sleepless night, since Njoroge your last born (whom you and Wanjiku have in the many Memorandums of Associations have resorted to sharing the bed with as a cheap and almost very effective way of family planning), caught up in his dreams pees on the bed. You’re pissed, but as the old saying goes, a baby’s pee is like anointing oil, you forcefully drift off to sleep amidst the stench.

You are sooner than expected awoken by Wanjiku’s ever so emphatic growls (one sounding like the dragging of a heavy wooden chair on a wooden floor), which you’re supposed to believe is snore, for a third time. As usual, you pinch her thigh so hard, that she wakes up, and before she comprehends, and orientates on what just happened, you have gracefully taken over where she left off in her snores…

Soon, the cocks crow. You ignore, forcing yourself to believe that it’s one of those dreams which always seem too real. No sooner have you drifted off to slumber, than the alarm clock begins to chime***Or what is that sound called?***. It is so loud and croaky f course due to the recycling (where when anybody, well into the journey of civilization would have disposed the batteries/cells, what you do is hang them in the sun, at the top of the roof, to recharge them) of the batteries. it is 5 a.m

Wanjiku jumps out of the bed faster than a bullet, and in the diving process yanking off the blanket with her , uncovering both Njoroge and you. She only remembers to cover Njoroge and runs off to the kitchen to prepare for the day. You angrily struggle to pull the blanket to your side, in the process waking Njoroge, who only knows screaming out loud as the only way to alert of his arise. Your efforts to shush him hit the wall, and “Wanjiku!! come and pick this baby!!” is what is heard from you. She takes her sweet time. Or rather, did she really hear you??

After half an hour, Wanjiku comes and noisily suckles the baby quiet. You are again woken after forcefully drifting amidst the baby cries. Annoyed and resigned, you get up to prepare to go to work.

Your waist down is urine wet, and in no time, your nostrils are already used to the stench, which is now a natural mark that you’re alive and well, and that your son is alive. You rush behind the house to urinate- of course there is no need for a toilet, since there’s a large garden, where people can defecate and of course anybody can urinate anywhere, all in the name of fertilizing the lands using manure.

Wanjiku as some of her duties, has brewed tea, and left water heating, for you in the kitchen (a small, round, mud houselet made outside the main house. In, it, all food is made and taken to the main house. It will also work as a storage for fork-jembes, rakes, hoes, and all other garden tools, firewood, large sacs of food from the garden, and pests of course). You rush into the kitchen holding a metal karai basin, and the first thing that hits you is the smoke from the wet logs that are burning slooowly. After fighting to open you eyes in the foggy mist of smoke, you get your hot water and are headed for the bathroom.

The bathroom is a tiny mud room, with nothing for a roof, and an old worn out sisal sac for a door ***in this case you can actually communicate with anyone outside the at the compound as you shower, without even trying hard, since your shoulders up is exposed***. I think this is a good explanation why many will not shower while it rains, and in the night.

It’s a nice feeling, cleaning yourself with a so-old-till-fluffy piece of nylon sac, and an a so-small-till-almost-imaginary Rexona soap.

Soon you’re seated at the table, in the main house, sipping a cup of hot white tea, and with it a meal of yams, cassava, arrowroots, sweet potatoes, bananas and Irish potatoes boiled together. ***During harsh times, all these are replaced with last night’s remains of Ugali (Pie made from corn flour stirred in boiling water until cooked).

As you head out of the house, you are saved from falling to the ground by the door frames, which you enigmatically hold onto as you skid on the floor. Annoyed, you wish you had a cemented floor, as this would stop everybody from pouring the remains of fluids, of whatever viscosity -be it tea, porridge, milk, water… – on the earthen floor. Due to this, the house floor is almost always dump and slippery.

Soon you’re out of the compound and off to work, as a primary school teacher, at a school 6 Km away from home. you have to do the walk, unless the headman, a sole owner of a motorcycle in the village, and whom you have successfully befriended (by doing him favors like giving him 10% of whatever it is you harvest from your garden) catches up with you on his way to his office, located close to the school. It is 7:30 a.m and you’re happy most of your morning is gone.

This is in the village. If it were in the town, this would have been a completely different story…

A. O. B

Kenyans in dire effort to use hot water….



Should Kenya unblock it’s borders to Somali, for at least the aide trucks to get through to Somali??…

Goodbye… You have been the one…

henry17052007.jpgI think it’s time to say goodbye to Henry. I won’t deny that he has been a good player all along, but opposing many, I think he should have well left the team like when he was 29. Of late, we have seen in previous matches ***Blame ’em on the injuries***, that his usual spark was gone. The speed, the passes, the everything was growing old as he grew old. I will stand to say that I greatfully appreciate his being in the Arsenal team, but I don’t regret his departure.

I don’t really think this is reason enough to shake the mighty Gunners, since we still have capable players, though some may at this stage seem inexperienced, and maybe too young. A good example of a team we have is of Toure, Adebayor, Baptista, Aliadiere, Eboue, Rosiscky, Clitchy, Denilson, Fabregas and our good old Gilberto.  You may be surprised next season, at the outcome of the team.

As per the predictions of most of you, Arsene Wenger may be leaving for Real Madrid, but after serving to full, his contract, which so far has got only 12 months to go. Now that would be a shaker to the team.

Henry will be a no. 14 wearer of the Barcelona team, which was once worn by Johan Cruyff. Good luck to him and the team. But I would say, all that was created must come to an end. Even sharp knives rust. I guess he is rusty enough for us to get new knives or better, sharpen the blades of the ones left with. I won’t lie, that I would so much, have preferred a swap between Henry and E’to

All the same, I will sing for him a small song, that you all, maybe not all, but most of you know……arsenal.jpg

Did I disappoint you| Or let you down | Should I be feeling guilty |Or let the judges frown| Coz I saw the end |Before it began |Yes I knew you were blinded | And I knew I had won |So I took what’s mine | By eternal right | Took your soul out | Into the night| it may be over| But it wont stop here| I am here for you| If you’d only care| And love is blind, and that I knew it| My heart was blinded by you| I kissed your lips, I held your hand |I shared your dreams and shared your bed| I know you well I know your smell| I’ve been addicted to you….|

Goodbye my lover |Goodbye my friend..|U have been the one |You have been the one for me… |Goodbye my lover| Goodbye my friend..| U have been the one| You have been the one for me… |

I am a dreamer |But when I wake | You can’t break my spirit |It’s my dreams you take| And as you move on|Remember me |Remember us and all we used to be |I’ve seen you cry, I’ve seen you smile |I’ve watched you sleeping for a while |I’d be the mother of your child |I’d spend a lifetime with you |I know your fears and you know mine|We’ve had our doubts but now we’re fine | And I love you| swear that’s true |I cannot live without you|

Goodbye my lover| Goodbye my friend..| U have been the one| You have been the one for me…|Goodbye my lover|Goodbye my friend..| U have been the one| You have been the one for me…|

And I still.. hold your hand| In mine| In mine when am asleep| And I will build my soul in time| When am kneeling at your feet

Goodbye my lover| Goodbye my friend..| U have been the one| You have been the one for me…| Goodbye my lover| Goodbye my friend..| U have been the one| You have been the one for me…

Am so hollow baibe..| Am so hollow| Am so am so am so hollow| Am so hollow baibe..| Am so hollow| Am so am so am so hollow ……


I need someone from the National Geographic please…

My house, of late, has become a total new place to me. Everyday I am met with surprises. Making matters worse, they are no pleasant surprises, considering the fact that each moment, they bring Goosebumps and will almost always have me screaming, jumping and even at times, you may find me in a flash of a second on top of my bed, in many cases, depending on what kind of a surprise it is. These are Insects.

I have a collection of species; I think some haven’t even been discovered. It bothers me a lot, since am not a fan of insects. They almost always make me die. I have to sleep with my head completely covered when I have to go to sleep. Not twice have I found insects, of an unidentified species to me, despite the net, crawling on my bed.

As I write this, I can spot a moth, a spider, a fly, the small white bread ants, termite, mosquitoes, a HUGE black ant, one I don’t know what it’s called but looks like a tiny fly, a caterpillar (iew!!), and a cockroach!! (Omigod!!) I can’t even get near, to kill even one, except of course for the fly and mosquito.

It has always been traumatic for me when it comes to getting out of bed. I have to clearly make sure that there is no insect on the floor, as it builds the creep in me. I hate insects with all that anyone can hate insects with. They are quite a nuisance and more so, they make me live a horrific life. I have tried spraying them with insecticide, and that night, I almost had my nose split due to sneezing. The next morning is when I found two insects I don’t know of what caliber crawling on my bed. I gave up on spraying.

Another trauma is when getting into the house. I open the door like in the movies. Slowly, and peeping at the same time. This habit developed, when on one night, at around 9pm, I was coming from some place I usually go to access internet (happy hour), and as I opened the door as usual, to full swing, I was met by I don’t know what insect, that hit my forehead. That day, the neighbors would have murdered me, if given a chance. I screamt so loud, that some of them came out dressed in only their towels. When asked, I was too frightened to speak. When I finally said it was an insect that hit my forehead as I was getting into the house, I swear I could have gotten a beating if not gotten shot. I tend to think they spared angry comments, just because am a newbie in the neighborhood. They went to their houses mumbling angrily, not understanding how a huge woman like me would scream a whole neighborhood awake, just because of a bloody insect. They just never knew or rather understood how HUGE it was.

From friends of course, I have heard that geckos quite know how to handle insects, but poor me can’t handle even the sight of a reptile, fish or amphibian. I see a gecko and I will never move from where I am until am completely sure it’s out of the room, if not dead. My husband will sure have a problem.

The long yard broom has become quite a friend, especially on the basis of extinguishing the small insects, especially the unidentified ones, and it’s quite handy since there is no close, leave alone direct contact, between me and the insects. I think with each new day, I get a new species.

I could have taken pictures, but I can’t get me to do anything like getting up-close to any insect, incase it decided to pounce on an unsuspecting me. [Slight tremor] That would send me to a quick death.

After much thought to it, I figured it would be an investment. Hmm, make money out of it. Since am quite so sure there are enough unidentified species here, I could alert the National Geographic, and of course, there would be quite many samples here… Nice idea don’t you think. Then they would have to carry all of them away. Then I will have made money, and killed none!! Hooray!!

If any of you know a guy, personally I will add, from National Geographic, I would really appreciate, if you kindly volunteered the information. And be guaranteed 25 of the income made… hehehe

But I will make it clear here. I am not scared of insects, I just don’t like getting to contact with them. I hate them that much. (I well know some of you would gladly use this to their advantage…)

Well I guess that’s it for today, Have a pleasant night.. 🙂

Of Petty thieves…

Sometimes am lead to wonder what kind of sociey we really live in,

that we even have thieves who torture their fellow poor neighbours…..

To cut short the raving, lemmi tell you the whole story.

First, I will start by saying that my place is a very humble place, since

I just started a very new life.

Therefore, it’s quite a humble place. No all those luxuries. Just the basic.

But with time, when I have a stable job, I will definetely improve  it, i.e if I won’t move out of there. Which am so much considering doing.

Okey, here goes the drama…

It was all well that evening, 15th June 2007, until, there was an earthquake,

which of course rendered a  black out to the whole village.

So I went to sleep early. but at 3am, power was back.

The blaring light of the bulb sent me awake immediately. So I put my laptop on for a while, played some of my boring games installed there, and within close to 15 minutes, there was another black out. Agh! I went back to sleep.

At around 6 a.m, I was awaken by my landlady’s rantings at my window. “…… Why do you sleep with your windows open?? Now you see thieves will steal you??.. Groggilly I asked, “What’s the problem? And why is my window wide open? ”

“There was a thief at your house.”

“Huh??!! How did they get into the compound??”

‘We did not close the gate last night..” And she fled.

By now, my eyes were now completely opened. I was met by…


On following the wooden rod, I get;


I get it now. A guy was trying to pull my laptop, using a wooden stick, banana skin**or what is it called??**  and a bandana. Huh?? How now??

Logically thinking, how would he have managed to get it with those tools??

How come I did not wake up through the whole of this escapade??

For how long had he been pulling??

What made him leave??

What was he thinking??

What was the bandana for??

When is he gonna come back??


A funny site that was….

I kindly run away from drama, but it keeps following me Wherever i go….

I guess I will forever remain DKwin hehehehe…..

Usicheke kwangu.. Gimme 5 months….

I’ll Be…

The strands in your eyes
the color them wonderfull
stop me
then steal my breath
emeralds from mountains
thrust towards the sky
never revealing their depth

Tell me
that we belong together
dress it up
with the trappings of love
ill be captivated
ill hang from your lips
instead of the gallows
of heartache that hang from above

I’ll be
your crying shoulder
ill be
loves suicide
i’ll be
badder when i’m older
ill be
the greatest fan of your life

And rain falls
angry on the tin roof
as we lie awake in my bed
you’re my survival
you’re my living proof
my love is alive
not dead

Tell me
that we belong together
dress it up
with the trappings of love
ill be captivated
ill hang from your lips
instead of the gallows
of heartache that hang from above

I’ll be
your crying shoulder
ill be
loves suicide
i’ll be
badder when i’m older
ill be
the greatest fan of your life

I dropped out
I burned up
I found my way back from the dead
I tuned in
And turned on
Remembering the things that you said

Ill be
Your crying shoulder
Ill be
Loves suicide
Ill be
Better when im older
Ill be
The greatest fan of yourrr….
Ill be
Your crying shoulder
Ill be
Loves suicide
Ill be
Better when im older
Ill be
The greatest fan of life

I love you…

Now I realise..

I may have thought otherwise,..

But I think the distance made me realise what you really meant to me….

I miss you so much..

I love you…

Am sorry you’ll never get the same words from my mouth…

I think you had been the one for me…

But I guess I gotta say goodbye…

Now and maybe forever…

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